Rufffed Grouse Commission
Ruffed Grouse Commission

Recently received a commission to do a Ruffed Grouse in gray scale. It was a nice change of pace to do something in just pure graphite. The client has a resident Ruffed Grouse that is very friendly and likes the spend time on his porch. So the client wanted something of him so he can put holiday cards. The picture about is only a crop of the bust since I didn’t want to show the whole piece in respect of the client. However this grouse had very distinctive thigh feathers which I thought was neat. My favorite part of the piece has to be the face though. Really like how the area around the eye came out.

All in all a really fun piece to work on and I hope to get more commissions in the future.

Specifications: Strathmore 9×12 inch Drawing paper. Blackwing and General’s 4B pencil

Leah out…